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What is the cost of your services?

Typically our fee is $2,500.00. This includes working with you to create a professional loan presentation, submitting to lenders, submitting to SBA or USDA agencies, help to coordinate the closing and funding.

How Long does the process take?

It's hard to answer that question because it depends upon the project. However we can tell you if the project is an SBA 7(A) loan, when we submit to SBA, our turn around time is often no more 3-5 days to receive underwriting.

How do we know if we qualify?

We will provide a Free phone consultation and will review your project with no expense to you. We don't want to charge for a srevice if we can not help. 

What are out of pocket costs?

Again, this depends upon the nature of the project. Many times we can include typical out of pocket expenses within your loan request.

What is your percentage of successes?

With over 40 years experience in banking and finance and over 11 years with this company, we pride ourselves that when taking a project on, our success rate is 99%. Still a little room for improvement!

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We love helping people reach their goals! You see we understand you, we are a small business too!